Tubular Scaffolding

We are an approved MOM scaffold contractor. We have a highly qualified team of Scaffold Manager, Supervisors, and Metal Scaffold Erectors to perform the Scaffolding services to our customers. Our scaffold materials are of British standard and Korean standard.

Our professional team works with commitment in executing any scaffold erection and dismantling job in the Marine and Oil & Gas industries.

AMS Group of Companies

AMS Group of Companies

Plant shutdown Maintenance

We offer services in the plant shutdown maintenance works. All types of modification, shutdown, maintenance for oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, and utility plants are done by our skilled team of personnel.

Our manpower is skilled to perform the services in the highest standards.

Civil works

Our employees have vast experience in civil works for the process industry. This includes the construction of the new Plant.

Lifting crew

Our lifting crew is certified for any kind of lifting job in the process industry. Our crew are talented and highly experienced to perform such services efficiently.

We have strict measures in place to ensure that safety is practised and is a priority in our daily duties.

AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies

Provision of Manpower with Supervision

We have the resources to provide skilled manpower (NTS & Malaysians) with qualified supervisors and foreman for all kind of job in the Process Industry.

Our employees have the ability and skill set to carry out a wide range of work. They come with the right experience and training. Our database is constantly updated.

This is done to streamline the quality of employees that are sent out to the various sites. At AMS Group of Companies we always strive for the right balance between quality and quantity.

Refinery Plant Cleaning, Blasting & Painting

AMS Group of Companies has been supporting our clients in works related to scrubbing, cleaning, and wall maintenance of storage tanks.

Our employees are well experienced in this sensitive scope of work.

We put priority in our worker’s safety first. This safety-first attitude is harnessed through our proper pre-deployment training and carefully planned briefings.

Hot and cold Insulation

We have professional insulators, tinsmith and fabricators who have vast experience participating in Hot & Cold insulation work at various sites such as Shell ECC, Pulav Bukom, PCS, Shell Seraya, Jurong Island and many other projects across Singapore.

Our employees have been exposed and are experienced in using Pyrogel and Rockwool materials in their daily job.

AMS Group of Companies

AMS Group of Companies

Fabrication yard in Johor, Malaysia

RS MAKITA Sdn Bhd (Company Registration No: 1307145-M), a division of AMS Group of Companies in Johor Malaysia, is specialised in pipe & storage tank fabrication and welding. We have our own skilled workers and fabrication yard which focuses on Singapore companies’ projects.

Various skilled employees in AMS Group of Companies

  • Welders (all grades)
  • Scaffolders
  • Insulators
  • Blasting & Painting team
  • Rigger & Signalman
  • Fitters (Pipe, Steel & Mechanical)
  • Civil (Mason / Plasterer / Carpenter / Rebar)
  • Drivers (truck, folk lift, boom lift, excavator, wheel loader)
  • Supervisors (lifting, piping, welding, mechanical, civil & scaffolding)