We are an approved MOM scaffold contractor. We have a highly qualified team of Scaffold Manager, Supervisors, and Erectors to undertake and perform scaffold projects.

Our team is committed to executing diverse construction and process projects. Our assurance is to complete any task within the specified time frame without compromising quality and maintaining safety measures at work. Our inventory is sufficiently equipped and well maintained.

AMS Group of Companies

AMS Group of Companies

Plant turnaround and shutdown maintenance

We have undertaken multiple plant shutdowns over the years. Our mechanical team is well experienced in undertaking all types of shutdown projects. We mainly emphasize two factors that are critical for any shutdown projects conducted by us.

One is to avoid delays which may cause a reduction in revenue for our clients, and the other is to follow high safety protocols to prevent any work disruptions.

Hot and cold Insulation

Our team comprises of professional insulators, tinsmith and fabricators who have vast experience participating in Hot & Cold insulation worked at various sites such as Shell ECC project, PCS Plant, Shell Seraya Plant and many other projects across Singapore.

AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies

Provision of Manpower with Supervision

We have the resources to provide skilled manpower (NTS & Malaysians) with qualified supervisors and foreman for all kind of job in the Process Industry. Our employees have the ability and skill set to carry out a wide range of work.

They come with the right experience and training. Our database is constantly updated. This is done to streamline the quality of employees that are sent out to the various sites. At AMS Group of Companies we always strive for the right balance between quality and quantity.

Various skilled employees in AMS Group of Companies

  • Insulators
  • Scaffolders
  • Cleaning Services
  • Rigger & Signalman
  • Welders (all grades)
  • Fitters (Pipe, Steel & Mechanical)
  • Civil (Mason / Plasterer / Carpenter / Rebar)
  • Safety Personnel (Officers and Coordinators)
  • Drivers (truck, folk lift, boom lift, excavator, wheel loader)
  • Supervisors (lifting, piping, welding, mechanical, civil & scaffolding)
AMS Group of Companies