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AMS Group of Companies brings together a team of specialists, helmed by our Director with more than twenty-five years of experience, with a wide range of capability and services covering Mechanical Works, Scaffolding, Insulation and Provision of Specialised Manpower.


AMS Group of Companies

AMS has a complete variety of inventory and a profoundly qualified team with utmost adherence to safety and health standards.

Plant Shutdown Maintenance

Team AMS, comprises of well experienced mechanical team who have worked in multiple plants in Singapore.

Refinery Tank Cleaning, Blasting & Painting

We do chemical cleaning on industries to remove residual oils, corrosion products, chemical residues.

Lifting Crew

AMS crew have diverse innovative solutions to solve heavy lift and heavy transport barriers.

AMS Group of Companies
Provision of Manpower with Supervision

We provide skilled and semi-skilled manpower with good aptitude and well trained in the industry.

Hot and Cold Insulation

We are meticulous and have the experience to take on projects in pipe insulations within the given time.


Provision of project site safety personnel ranging from officers to coordinators.

Cleaning Services

We perform cleaning services at maintenance plant, construction worksites, site offices and its surrounding areas.

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AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies
AMS Group of Companies