About AMS Group of Companies

AMS Group of Companies brings together a team of specialists helmed by our Managing Director with more than twenty-five years of experience with a wide range of capability and services covering Scaffolding, Insulation and Provision of Specialised Manpower.

Our customers are primarily from the Process Industry, namely the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power and Water Plant. AMS Group of Companies has been the preferred business partner for some of Singapore’s top companies in the process industry. Our long-term partnerships are a testament to our commitment to our valued clients.

We value quality service and integrity above all else and ensure that our performance serves the needs of our stakeholders – our clients, the workers, as well as the industry players. Our company staff is imbued with the belief that actions speak louder than words and every member of the team needs to be disciplined, principled, and show care for all our stakeholders. We believe that work ethos plays an integral part in governing our quality of work.

Our Mission

AMS Group of Companies endeavours to assist our customers in enhancing their profitability and sustainability through the introduction of best-in-class customer service, innovation, quality and commitment. In the process, we are also committed to our role as a good corporate citizen and responsible towards the community and environment in which we operate.

Our Philosophy

  • Maintain a relentless and uncompromising obsession with quality and safety
  • Seek and form long term customer-centric partnership based on integrity and trust
  • Maintain a reliable pool of competent resources through continuous training and upgrades accompanied with quality feedbacks.
  • Conduct flawless project execution and delivery
  • Achieve operational reliability and productivity through consistency and re-use of proven processes and engineering methodologies
  • Implement the Life-cycle Cost and Asset Management concept in our design and decision-making process